When you’ve reached an edge of the path, and you can’t see where to go, look for the silver lining. It’s usually right under your nose. Some place most of almost always fail to check. (at Stone Mountain Summit)

The formula for manifesting your dreams = establish the vision + work/ play even when no one’s listen ing + believe, believe, believe! (at Georgia World Congress Center Building C)

Paving the way for those who lead (at Hilton Atlanta)

Women of Wealth. #Ibelieve


WE ! Walking into our destiny. Creating the story. A Living Testimony!!! #ibelieve


Thanks to the amazing people along the way like a Joy who reminded me me that, when life is comes at you like a silly boy/girl who’s lost thier whits, sometimes you’ve gotta close-line ‘em to clear your way. #Ibelieve (at Hyattsville, MD)


Back to college mile UMD. TGIFriday’s doesn’t get more crunk than it does in MD.

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Thank you to the Picketts for a welcoming resting place to be refreshed by the sweet voice of God. To my wonderful woman of Peace on the Prayer Line this morning. I’m excited to meet you all along this journey as we walk into God’s promise and Grace. #ibelieve #thewalkDC

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Get with the program. You gotta be blind if you don’t see the signs. #Ibelieve @Wawa